The San Patricios

PCPA - Pacific Conservatory Theatre

For me The San Patricios was a perfect storm, in the best possible way. It was my first drama at PCPA and directed by Mark Booher, the company's Artistic Director. Working with Mark was a terrific experience from our first design meeting to opening night.

San Patricios was written by Jose Cruz Gonzalez as a commission from PCPA. It tells the story of a group of Irish American immigrants who join the Mexican Army to fight against the United States. Although set over 150 years ago, the struggle of these immigrants is paralleled today in places across the world.

Not only did I have the pleasure of working with an amazing director and playwright, I was also fortunate to have two of my favorite design collaborators in Dave Nofsinger, scenic, and Jen "Z" Zornow, lighting working on the show. Mark's dynamic staging was made even more effective by the suggestive, flexible set and emotional lighting.

Music for the production was in the capable hands of Daniel Valdez. Although most of my work with Daniel was in bringing his compositions into the space, the music itself was beautiful and filled with the spirit of the Mexican and Irish character's.

The sound effects cues served to support and expand the locations as well as to provide energy and passion to the story. With effects ranging from the softest of crickets to a full out battle scene, San Patricios was a challenging and rewarding experience, the kind that makes me happy to be a sound designer.

Example Cues

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