The Wild Party

Western Illinois University, Hainline Theatre

The Wild Party was a challenging production at WIU for several reasons. First, in order to bring the show closer to the audience, scenic designer, Tamara Honesty and director, Lysa Fox decided to place the band onstage. There was considerable collaborative discussion regarding this decision and in the end it proved to be the right one. Second, my mix engineer had never worked on a sound crew in any capacity, let alone, as the mixer. Third, the Presonus Live 32 console was out of its depth with a full scale musical. I won't bore you with my personal feelings about the mixer. It is what it is.

One positive aspect of the production was that it gave me a chance to design a musical using the updated speaker system which I had designed for Hainline during the summer. The speaker system was basic consisting of a center box, two proscenium high side boxes, a subwoofer and four moveable monitors. What was important about them is that were some of the latest speakers produced by d&b Audiotechnics. These speakers are so small they are completely unobtrusive and yet they fill the 400 seat theatre with clarity and power. Amazing!

Bre, my mixer, and I spent a good deal of time installing the system and working with the band to get them to fit on the platform upstage center. After a couple of early training sessions on the mixer and my plan for handling the show with no DCAs and only 4 sub group outs, Bre took over as we moved into tech. She was fantastic and managed to pull the show together by opening night. And as said the sound was the best it had been in the space for longer then anyone could remember and I was happy not only with my design for the show but for the sound system as well.


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