CCM Corbet Auditorium

There were two challenges central to this production of Chess.

First, simply dealing with the size of a CCM musical in terms of cast and orchestra. 28 wireless microphones were used for the production and swaps were still necessary. In the pit was a full orchestra surrounding a professional rock band with an additional 15 microphones plus keyboard direct inputs. Keeping the vocals on top of the sound from the pit proved to be an ongoing challenge.

Second, the director's desire that Florence sound like Celine Dion in Vegas. To achieve this we worked to maintain a fullness to her voice while adding considerable reverb and making sure that she always filled the auditorium. To complicate matters the role was double cast so the mix engineer had only one rehearsal with each actress prior to opening.

The production was a great success and the sound of the show was able to match the visual scale.

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