Alice In Wonderland

Ensemble Theatre Cincinnati

Alice in Wonderland is one of a series of original musicals presented by Ensemble Theatre Cincinnati during the holiday season. There are six shows written by the same team and each one is presented in rotation in a cycle. This is the fifth of the shows I have designed. The music is recorded by the composer and played back using QLab software on a Mac computer.

The theater itself is the greatest challenge to sound with a musical. It is located inside an old bank building and the house is long, narrow and high. The mix position in the booth is actually above the level of the lighting grid over the stage. Also due to limited budgets these productions are done using a mixture of area mics and wireless microphones. The long run and size of the cast makes putting wireless microphones on everyone cost prohibitive.

For this production I used an individual wireless microphone on Alice since she spends a good deal of time singing a lead vocal line with the full cast supporting her. Also, given the number of performances and the size of her role, it was important to do what I could to make certain she could sing all of the shows.

This production as with all of the holiday shows was bright, colorful and above all fun! The houses were full and the tradition of successful holiday productions continued.

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